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1. To insure an uninterrupted performance to due to electrical issues. The band needs (5) separate 20 amp 110 watt circuits or  a 60 amp  220 watt circuit with a suitable connector (prior arrangements need to be made). If a generator is needed please make sure it is rated at least 20KW and comes with a distro box.

2. If Purchaser requires staging for event, SLAPNATION requires a minimum performance stage with a dimensions of 16 feet deep by 24 feet wide. Please leave at least 5 feet from the front of the stage to make sure there is room for speakers and lighting.

3.The Band needs access to the venue no less than four (4) hours prior to the start of the event.  Failure to do so could delay the start time of the event.

4.Purchaser to provide a dressing area for the band  that will accommodate twelve (12) people.

5. Purchaser to provide a hot meal, ice, water, iced tea or soft drinks to accommodate twelve (12) people. Chicken, Pizza or food from the buffet provided for the guests. If hot food cannot be provided a Subs or a deli tray with condiments are acceptable.